• I Went Freelance

    Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

    I did it. I did the thing I’ve been envisioning for years and working nights and weekends on for months. I did the thing I’ve always said was my long-term career goal. I did my dream.

    The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I signed three clients in five days. I jumped into the deep end of several new projects, on top of my full-time job. Oh: I put notice in at my full-time job. I talked to my manager. I told my team.

    I was more nervous to break the news to my boss than I was the time […] Continue Reading…

  • FYI Jury Duty is Actually Great

    image via Freerange Archives (CG Collection)

    (OK: it’s great unless someone died or was abused or some other traumatic event happened—that would be horrible and would make jury duty horrible. But in general, it rocks.)

    I was selected as a juror a few weeks back for a personal injury lawsuit. I served on the trial for five days. I thought I was supposed to dread jury duty—everyone groaned and offered tips to get out of it when I told them I’d been summoned—so when I got chosen, I dreaded it. But after day 1 of the trial, I was loving it, and after day 2, I was […] Continue Reading…

  • What I Learned From Landing—& Promptly Leaving—My Dream Job

    dream job
    image by atsuke

    About a year ago, I left a manager and team I adored for what I thought was my dream job. I was wrong; it was very much not my dream job (let’s call it my “nightmare job”). Now, I genuinely don’t want this post to be a bash fest, but the 6-month period in which I struggled through this role was a slap in the face I must write about. Because I always, for whatever reason, feel compelled to be authentic. Having this experience—and feeling like I took away lessons from it—and not sharing it feels inauthentic to me. Like I haven’t told […] Continue Reading…