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I’m glad you’re here, which is weird because I don’t even know you.

About Cassie

My name is Cassie, and I’m a blogger, writer, and according to various tests and experts, philosopher. I’m, like, a champion at thinking. Most people have an experience or come across a concept, give it a little mental space, and then move on—not me. I turn that thing over in my mind so many times until I’ve boiled it down to its essence, and then ideas start exploding from me about different ways to look at the topic, different ways to approach the problem, different ways to interpret the results… My brain has this fun feature where it sees possibilities and angles most others can’t, and my perspectives are what you might call “alternative.”

What else? Oh, I’m also really into being healthy and getting better at stuff, and I like helping other people be healthy and get better at stuff. What I’m saying is I’m into personal development and wellness, but those terms can sound woo-woo to some and I don’t want to scare you off—so let’s say I’m into “badassery.”

About This Site

Here’s how most of my articles come to fruition: I’m exposed to something new, I think about it a whole fucking lot because, as I said, I think an exhausting amount about most things, my brain starts seeing non-obvious aspects or potential lessons within the issue, I organize my thoughts, I write. Sometimes I’m probably right; sometimes I’m surely wrong. I usually think I’m onto something at the time and frame what I’m saying as recommendations, and I’d love for you to have success with my approaches, but that’s not what this is really about.

My ultimate goal is to inspire people to dismiss popular advice and generally accepted “ways of the world” if they’re not working for them, and develop their own paths and strategies. One of the most freeing things I’ve ever heard was that you don’t have to choose from the options on the table—you can create a new option. I love that, and I want to drive that home for y’all by sharing my own unconventional views.

Something you should know: I prefer to write like I speak, and I speak in a very direct way. Not a mean way (I’m seriously so nice in real life you guys), but a non-flowery way. Have you ever read something that had a great underlying message but was filled with so much mystical language that you clicked away because you were too impatient to weed through the poetry to get to the good stuff? I just want to be like, “Hi, CAN YOU JUST ACTUALLY SAY WHAT YOU’RE TRYING TO SAY?” That’s what I aim to do here. (Not that I’m not going to talk about your life purpose and the way of the universe and other difficult topics; I just won’t lose you in the process.)

More Badassery

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