How to Eat a Healthy Diet: Stop Forgetting You’re a Human

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It’s January, so I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re trying to eat better.

I’m also gonna assume you’re doing it wrong. Which is kind of shitty of me I guess, but most people do. So while shitty, it’s also a safe bet.

I’m all about eating healthy. Seriously, nutrition and fitness, are, like, who I am. People know this about me so they’re constantly asking me to critique their diets. They run through a day’s worth of meals, and they want to know my feedback. “Is that good? Did I do good?”

When you think about it, it’s kind of weird that you have to ask, isn’t it?

Healthy Eating is Simple, But Information Overload Has Effed With You

Don’t eat weird shit with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Don’t eat stuff that comes in packages. Eat whole, non-chemical-y things that occur in nature (apples), not things food manufacturers dreamed up (Apple Cinnamon Cheerios). You know all this. You know how to eat well. Why are you asking me for help?

Because you’re listening to all the noise instead of your own intuition.

Consider this for a second: Most of the food you eat did not come from the farm you maintain, correct? Because you don’t have a farm. So most of your food came from somewhere else, and very likely, some business is involved. Now, what do businesses aim to do? Make money. How do they make money? You buying their shit. How do they get you to buy their shit? Marketing.

Business don’t care about your health or figure, mmk? But they know you do, so the smart people they employ are going to fund studies to “prove” their food is good for you. And they’re going to develop TV commercials that convince you their products are going to help you drop the pounds.

Stop listening to all this crap. Stop letting the people who stand to make a profit from your diet think for you.

The Question Isn’t “Is This Healthy?”

It’s “Is this real?”

If you had no other information, you’d have to use your own instincts to decide what to eat. Try to do this. You’ll realize how easy structuring your diet becomes, because of course you shouldn’t be eating artificial anything and of course you should be eating plants and animals in their most natural state.

I think the youngest Baby Boomers and the oldest Gen X-ers have the hardest time with this, because they were so brainwashed about how to eat. They’re constantly analyzing foods and wondering if they’re healthy because they grew up hearing nonsense like egg yolks are bad for you.

But all generations struggle with knowing how to eat, because they let the noise influence them.

Quit that.

Just Eat Like a Human

Stop thinking so much, and just stop forgetting you’re a human. Make diet decisions based on what you know humans are supposed to eat.



Are you guilty of forgetting you’re a human? (my college self is so ashamed) Are you trying to eat better this year? What confuses you most about healthy eating?

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Your thoughts?
  1. Kate says:

    Hear, hear! Real food is the way to go. One of the best blogs on nutrition and healthy eating I’ve found is It lays down some good common sense guidelines for eating and deals with the science of nutrition, rather than the studies paid for by the various food lobbies.

    You may also appreciate this amusing post on how hard it is to make sense of all the healthy eating advice out there:

    • Cassie says:

      Thanks for the blog recommendation, Kate! Checking it out ASAP. And that post you linked to was awesome (and funny!).

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